Ocean Rubber Factory


ORF is a UAE based manufacturer of Rubber and steel Products, established in 1987.

The company operates its business through two business segments, namely the Rubber division (rubber products) and engineering division (steel products, complete conveying system for mining industries).


Rubber division is engaged in the manufacture and sales of rubber Products for industrial, marine, military, power, desalination, water treatment, oil and gas sectors.Rubber division is located in Sharjah.

Area of plant is 8500 sq.m

Ras Al Khaimah

The company’s engineering division is engaged in the manufacture and sales of Steel Products for mining/crushing Industries. This facility is located in  Al ghail,  Ras Al Khaimah.

Area of plant is 90000 sq.m

Production Capabilities

ORF is Capable to mix 12,000 Tons of rubber compounds per annual.

Project: EPDM Coating of Riser Pipes.

Location: UAE

Client: Noor Al Nahar – Intelligent Solutions – IOOC

Project: PCP Coating of Riser Pipes

Location: UAE

Client: HHI / RAS GAS.

Project: Internal Rubber Lining of Dual Media Filter Vessels.

Location: Oman

Client: Oman Petroleum.

Engineering Fabrication: Capable to fabricate the steel of 3,500 -4,500 Tons annually
Established Weld procedures for Pressure and Power piping divisions. Complete solution in corrosion resistant application.

Fully automatic plants of Mixing, Screen wire weaving and conveyor belting operations

Capable to carry out all types of Rubber and steel properties