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Research & Development

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Research & Development

ORF Design Engineering teams use first principles technique to develop products that  suit the conditions found in the Middle East. Heat is commonly known as a significant factor, however the changes in temperature between night and day is not a commonly considered factor in products. Similarly, humidity and dust have to be considered, UV stability, highly corrosive environment, high salt content seas and the myriad working systems that are brought into the region from all parts of the world.

Our Design teams use FEA software to predict general loads and optimise dimensions.

The various manufacturing systems and techniques available at ORF makes prototyping extremely fast. ORF also can draw on mixed teams from various parts of the vast organisation to build customised design committees with experience in Metals, Polymers, adhesives or even ceramics.
Specialised labs for chemistry, load testing, rolling simulation. Accelerated ageing and conveyor simulations ensure that our products are put through rigorous verification before releasing to market.

Our reputation for innovation is the key to our success, and the foundation for our future.